Edmonds Townhome Listing & a Sales Tip

Edmonds Townhome Listing & a Sales Tip

  • Adam Cobb
  • 02/3/22

We're at our newest listing in Edmonds, an awesome 3-bedroom townhome with a turf backyard and big 2-car garage. 

The real estate market continues with low inventory causing multiple offers and bidding wars. This week I saw a house along Soundview in Edmonds get 19 offers, it was listed at around $1M and sold for about $1.3M. A condo Listed for $725k and sold around $780k. On the Eastside, a home got bid over $700k, from $1.2M to $1.9M!

Sales tip, never judge a book by its cover, be sure to watch the video to hear the story.

Food tip this week, go to DQ and get the cherry dipped cone, you're going to like it! As a kid, my parents would take me there after basketball practice. Now, I'm helping coach my daughter's team, and thought we have to hit up DQ and continue the tradition! 

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