Perrinville's Cottage Community Bakery & Perspective on Rates

Perrinville's Cottage Community Bakery & Perspective on Rates

  • Adam Cobb
  • 02/11/22

We're in Edmonds' Perrinville neighborhood in front of one of our favorites: The Cottage Community Bakery. Fat Hen BBQ is out front. I have fond memories of this area, I use to ride my bike here as a kid and go to Pacific Trading Cards across the street for Garbage Pail Kids, baseball cards, and chewing gum in those old machines where you put the quarters in.

Mortgage rates have ticked up but they're still great! Back in the day, I was buying stuff in the 7%'s and my parents in the 12%'s so 4% is comparatively little.

We're seeing prices going crazy with all of this high demand. Homes that didn't sell last year are being brought on and selling right away often for higher. There's a lot of pressure and people are writing early offers on a lot of them. We're really happy for a couple of buyers we were able to get homes for this week. 

The bakery: they've got pretzels, cookies, apple darlings, and bread. Come on over and give them a visit. They're open on the weekends 10-4.

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